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Community Based Outpatient Clinics

The Issue

Veterans deserve access to quality health services. As the Veteran population grows in numbers and many migrate far from VA facilities, it becomes a challenge to provide innovative health care of the highest caliber to our nation’s heroes.

The Solution

In partnership with Veterans Affairs, Humana's Government Business is committed to delivering the highest quality health services to our nation’s Veterans. Through our subsidiaries Valor Healthcare and Ambulatory Care Solutions, Humana's Government Business operates almost 30 VA Community Based Outpatient Clinics (CBOCs) across the nation. As access to quality care continues to be a challenge for Veterans, we are proud to be the leading provider of contracted CBOCs which offer a tailored floor plan designed specifically to the needs and concerns of Veterans. Humana's Government Business providers are board certified, credentialed through the VA and receive additional training to meet the Veteran’s unique physical and psychological needs. Humana's Government Business offers the Veterans Administration a proven solution to a pressing need.
  • The Joint Commission is a blanket accreditation for all its facilities. This accreditation is considered to be the “Gold Seal” of approval for healthcare quality and demonstrates our commitment to our patients.
  • The ability to rapidly deploy a Veteran-centric facility while providing the absolute highest quality of care is a Humana's Government Business hallmark. From the time of contract award, we can have a clinic opened, staffed and seeing patients within 90 days.  Humana's Government Business has the agility and flexibility of a small business backed by the resources of a Fortune 100 company to develop and deliver custom solutions to our government customers.
  • Humana's Government Business’ solutions are completely tailored to the needs of the Veteran population. We can provide primary care services, behavioral health, and specialty care when needed. Our clinics range in size from less than 1,000 to over 10,000 enrolled patients.
  • Providing the VA with a capitated rate allows the government to accurately determine and project costs associated with the delivery of health services. This gives the directors of the VAMC and VISN the predictability needed to effectively and efficiently manage their operating budgets. In addition, the contracted CBOC model removes the capital investment required for government long term leases or construction.
  • Humana's Government Business places the Veteran at the forefront of our model. In no place is this more evident than the clinic itself. Our CBOCs offer expanded hallways, private check-in areas, specially designed female exam rooms offering more privacy, group therapy rooms, and welcoming waiting rooms. In addition, as we open new clinics, we establish an advisory board.  The board is comprised of clinic staff, patients, and representatives from local veteran service.

Our CBOC locations

The Joint Commission

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