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Humana Government Business is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fortune 100 health and wellness company Humana Inc. Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, we have been a TRICARE Managed Care Support Contractor since 1995, currently serving more than 3 million beneficiaries in the South Region of the United States.

Building on this experience, we offer an array of administrative services and health and well-being programs to improve efficiency and save your agency money. Humana Government Business has the proven experience and capability to manage highly complex, large-scale health care programs throughout the federal government.
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Wellness programs

Humana Government Business wants to empower people to live healthier lives.

Patient appointing services

Our experienced staff has set up and maintained appointing services across the country.

Provider placement

Humana Government Business knows how to bring you the health professionals you need.

Behavioral health services

Our integrated programs treat the whole person, mind and body.

EAP & worklife services

Let us help manage workplace behavior and enhance your workplace performance.

Health data analytics

Agencies can gain actionable intellegence through our data analytics to drive efficiency and improve care.

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Meet the individuals who lead Humana with a commitment to innovation and excellence.

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Support your government business by teaming up with our experts in military and government health and well-being.

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